MARGO'S LATEST CD - Now & Forever
Released 2002 this album includes many of Margo's favourite songs.

1. From This Moment.
2. Our Day Will Come.
3. Were All Alone.
4. Place In The Sun.
5. Now & Forever.
6. Love Me Tender.
7. Good Old Fashioned Way.
8. Bunch Of Thyme.
9. Cupid.
10. We Love Each Other.

11. When Love Slips Away.
12. Look Of Love.
13. End Of The World.
14. Under The Boardwalk.
15. After All These Years.
16. Fairytales.
17. Let It Be Me.
18. Biding My Time.
19. Gone At Last.

I have re-recorded a song that I did in 1967 with my old group the "Marvettes " for producer John Schroeder on Pye records called "When love slips Away" a song very dear to my heart.

Due for release June 2002.

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Margo and the Marvettes 1966

Left to right with Margo in the middle,
Trevor Burns (Guitar), Carson Boyd (Drums),
Les McSheffrey (Bass), Brian Huddleston (Sax)
and Ron Chimes (Hammond).

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